How privileged we are to have knees and concrete.

Recently, I had a student interested in Kizomba say to me “I simply cannot dance on a cement floor for 2 hours every week. My knees wouldn’t be very happy about it at all.”

Kizomba is a dance that was popularised around 1984 in Angola. Angola is an African PALOP country, where a war of independence raged for 12 years from 1961, followed then by civil war from 1975 to 1991.

After two generations of prolonged war, Angola has a severe humanitarian crisis. Shortages of housing, food, men, an abundance of maiming minefields and the country’s resources now plundered by the regime.

How does this miserable historical tale relate to dance and unhappy knees?

Kizomba is about how you feel with yourself and one another, not how you look.

Imagine that you are in a war torn county with rubble everywhere, you haven’t stepped on a land mine, you have both your legs and therefore your knees, unlike many in your own community.

In a moment of brief stillness from the loud insanity of war, music is finally played. Imagine having someone embrace you, you feel safe and you close your eyes and are then completely absorbed in movement in rhythm together. Division and fear makes way for connection and gratitude.

In this peaceful moment of respite, are you going to forfeit it by racing around town seeking a dance studio with a polished wooden floor, full length mirrors and air conditioning?

In all this uncertainty, you don’t know when you will have the opportunity to next be comforted in a dance. Therefore, a common Angolan dance floor would be bare earth. On YouTube, where some Angolans can afford cameras or phones, they record themselves socially dancing on concrete.

An awesome dance artist is mindful of the socio-economic conditions that led to a particular genre of music and dance. Embody into your dance empathy, gratitude and respect to it’s original dancers and musicians.

If that’s not for you (as a Gold Coast Kizombero recently said to me “I’m tired of listening to lyrics in other languages”) …. then dance fusion, enjoying how fantastic you are in the mirror and to others.

In my next article, I’m going to cover how various dances can aid you to make a full recovery from injuries without therapists.

#therealestatedancer – porque todos necesitan un sentido de hogar donde puedan bailar

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