Is Branding Essential for Real Estate Agents?

Real Estate advertised on a tree in Central Havana December 2017

It’s socialism. Everybody is given a home by the state. I’ve yet to figure out if a home near the sea is more desired than a home in the suburbs.

It seems that as a free market develops, whether that be official or obscured, the real estate industry is in it’s infancy in Cuba

With very scant internet and no commercial premises to rent, this realtor operates from a tree in Paseo del Prado in Central Havana in Cuba

The only thing he needs to operate are trusted relationships and people who have problems they wish to solve. So, is branding necessary to either of these two things?

My skepticism with branding, like the priests of the Cathaholic Church, is that one bad apple can tarnish your perception and relationship with the whole dam bunch. Are the quality of our trusted relationships more vulnerable within a large brand?


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Empathetic and experienced Real Estate Coach, Buyer's and Seller's Agent, Auctioneer and Dance Teacher. My services are tailored to suit requests by my clients.

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