My best dance teachers have been the worst ones.

One of the most noble things that was ever said to me by a Melbourne dance teacher was, “with your enthusiasm and my ability to teach, we could have you a better dancer than myself”. There is a tamed ego in a teacher whose goal is to advance their students beyond their own abilities.

The greatest teachers give praise and recognition first and foremost. It maintains your confidence and esteem, then allowing their student to be more open to constructive criticism. This is where real learning progress is made.

I asked one of my former dance teachers what they thought of my new found love of dancing Casino. Their first words were “you take up too much space on the dance floor”! When I asked them how my Spanish was progressing they said “it was like having a two year old around”. This person needs to learn to teach …. not merely instruct. They need to encourage rather than safeguard their own fragile ego.

There are those dance teachers who remain out the front of the class, showing you how well they can dance but consciously never empowering you with the knowledge or skills necessary to dance as well as them. Yes … to dance well but never exceed their own skill level. They will only ever be seen leading a swelter …. they are too vunerable to looking just like everyone else if they were trying to follow.

If you wish to promote your dance school, get out there and inspire potential students with your ability to dance socially and facilitate joyful connections. Attract the opportunity to demonstrate that as a teacher, you have the skills necessary to empower others to become the very best dancer that they wish to be … not just always below your own capabilities.

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One thought on “My best dance teachers have been the worst ones.

  1. Dance teachers need to have completed or completing a teaching degree in dance. Teaching the teachers how to impart their knowledge of the dance moves in the three or four ways people absorb new information…1; by leading / example 2/ by description 3/ by mathematics or drawings 4/ ?? I can’t recall.


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