How Fuel Prices May Affect Dancing

I received the following message from a friend that I dance with each week. “The 141 km round trip from the BP in Byron Ind Est to your place and back cost me $32 (approx 15 litres at $2.09 per litre). That means fuel & class will be nearly $70 each week. I’ll try to come up to your place for class but I imagine I won’t be able to do it every single week”

I’ve had conversations with other friends who are rationalising their journeys to dance events due to increased fuel prices. I’m not talking about local journeys, I’m talking longer commutes to Brisbane or to Northern Rivers.

At $2.12 for E98 it will cost me $28.73 to travel to the Southside of Brisbane and back to dance ….. $20.35 to Byron or Mullumbimby …….. and that’s on a motorcycle!

When you add admission and refreshment charges, to compensate the organiser and reward the venue, it can become an expensive night of dancing.

My suggestion ….. if you organise and advertise an event’s duration, don’t have it end early. Nothing is more disappointing 😦

Better still, consider extending the duration of your event if this is practical. For example, if I drive to Byron for 90 mins social dancing, the transport cost per hour is $13.56 but if that even were extended by just an hour, the transport cost per hour danced would be $8.14

As fuel prices increase it will be interesting to see if people dance more locally … in which case, the variation of dance conversations decreases. #fuelprices #therealestatedancer

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