How Fuel Prices May Affect Dancing

I received the following message from a friend that I dance with each week. “The 141 km round trip from the BP in Byron Ind Est to your place and back cost me $32 (approx 15 litres at $2.09 per litre). That means fuel & class will be nearly $70 each week. I’ll try toContinue reading “How Fuel Prices May Affect Dancing”

My best dance teachers have been the worst ones.

One of the most noble things that was ever said to me by a Melbourne dance teacher was, “with your enthusiasm and my ability to teach, we could have you a better dancer than myself”. There is a tamed ego in a teacher whose goal is to advance their students beyond their own abilities. TheContinue reading “My best dance teachers have been the worst ones.”

Is Branding Essential for Real Estate Agents?

It’s socialism. Everybody is given a home by the state. I’ve yet to figure out if a home near the sea is more desired than a home in the suburbs. It seems that as a free market develops, whether that be official or obscured, the real estate industry is in it’s infancy in Cuba WithContinue reading “Is Branding Essential for Real Estate Agents?”

A Clarification About the Dance of Son: The Beat on Which We Dance Doesn’t Make It Son; Its Structure Does

Originally posted on Son y Casino:
Haz clic aquí para español. This post will be short (kind of) and to the point (hopefully). The following comments stem from my experience teaching the dance of son at different places and the questions that people have asked me during these lessons, and the overall misconceptions that I…

How privileged we are to have knees and concrete.

Recently, I had a student interested in Kizomba say to me “I simply cannot dance on a cement floor for 2 hours every week. My knees wouldn’t be very happy about it at all.” Kizomba is a dance that was popularised around 1984 in Angola. Angola is an African PALOP country, where a war ofContinue reading “How privileged we are to have knees and concrete.”